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My Dream Stock Footage Site…

My dream stock footage site would have the following features:

Allow the artist to set the price for clips.  Allow creating “bundles” of clips and allow the artist to set the price for bundles. Pay a minimum of 50% royalty on sales.

Mobile device friendly site.  A lot of producers I know have iPhones and would kill to search/browse clip libraries without having to crack open the laptop.

Allow me to create a “brand” and apply that branding to my portfolio page and all of my clip pages.  Almost like a mini-store for my clips within the main site.

Allow me to have a blog on my portfolio.  More importantly, allow me to have a VIDEO blog on my portfolio where I can produce tutorials on how to use my clips or ideas on using my clips.  Something integrated into my portfolio, not just a link to YouTube or Vimeo.  And allow me to upload a show-reel to my portfolio.

Allow me to embed clip previews on other sites, such as my blog so that I can drive more buyers to my portfolio.

Allow me to create time-sensitive discount codes for my portfolio.  So I could create a discount code for 5% off of all my clips and that 5% comes out of my end, not the sites.  This would aid me in marketing my own stuff.

Allow me to upload different sizes and encoding for my clips and set different prices for the sizes, but show it all on the main clips page.  (RevoStock already does this and Pond5 “sort of” does this.)

For buyers, have a “My Studio” feature that allows them to place purchased clips in their “Studio” and do things like re-encode them in another codec, resize them, trim them, etc.

Allow artists to edit the data for their clips, even after they’ve been submitted and approved.  (Pond5 and RevoStock both do this.)  Allow artists to download all of the meta-data for their portfolio.  (Pond5 does this.)

Provide artists with sales data.  Most popular clips over a given period by both dollars and downloads.  (Pond5 does this.)

Daily notifications of sales at the end of day.  When rejecting a clip, please include the original uploaded filename in the rejection notice.  Do not delete the clip and make the artist re-upload it if there is a problem that can be fixed without re-uploading.

Support both FTP and Web uploaders for submitting footage.

Flexible limits on both clip length and file size depending on the content.  Not hard limits.  (Pond5 does this.)

Automatic monthly payments when the payout limit is reached.  Reasonable minimum payout. (Pond5 leads the pack with $25 minimum.)

No exclusive contracts or exclusive vs non-exclusive pricing.

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  1. Cool site, love the info.

    Comment by Bill Bartmann | September 3, 2009 | Reply

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