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Queen of Diamonds – Retrospect

Kyle is an amazing writer and the story he wrote is truly a gift to mankind.  And I’m totally serious.  Especially after watching Stephanie, Theodore and the rest of the cast give it life.  But he wrote a 20 minute film, not a 7 minute film.

Having now viewed the footage shot on my camera, I am even more impressed with it.  But for this (or any) project we really needed to have two of them so that we could have shot each scene from two angles.  Having two angles of the exact same take would have helped the editing process move a lot smoother and a LOT faster.  The second camera we had was an SD camera and the picture quality wasn’t nearly as good as that from my HD camera.  Not to mention that when both were used together, the “look” from the SD camera was very different.  We lit each scene for my camera and we had not done much before hand on fiddling with manual settings to get both to shoot similar video.

I really wish we would have shot more “behind the scenes” stuff.  And taken a million photos during the process.  It was fun, it was hilarious at times, it was frantic, and it was extremely exciting…  For most of it, all I have are memories…  A shame.

In my opinion, Vegas failed us.  I don’t know if it was just the Mac version or it was because we editing a lot on PCs and copied the projects to the Mac.  But had Vegas not crashed we would have turned in the vision we wanted the film festival to see and not what we could cobble together at the last minute.

But, while the festival audience won’t be able to see “our film” the way we intended at the showing next weekend, all is not lost…  After we’ve had time to recuperate from an extremely intense weekend, we’re gonna get back together and do a “Director’s Cut” that has all of the scenes, all of the music and shows Kyle and Jess’ vision of a truly remarkable story.

I am looking forward to that process and I really hope that I get a chance to work with the team again.  It was an exciting time and a great experience.

I don’t know if I’d do another 48-hour project, but only because I’m 42 and most everyone else was in their 20’s and early 30’s.  Keeping up with them was a little bit of an ordeal (it doesn’t help that I’m a fat bastard).  And I haven’t gone 38 hours without sleep in a very long time…  It’s gonna take me a few more days to recover.

But I would love to do another indie project.  I learned a lot and I hope that I taught others a few things as well.

I’m going back to bed… 🙂

(I wrote this after only having an 11 hour nap, so some of my facts about the others might be a little off, but not intentionally…  Mostly I just wanted to get my experience down while it was still pretty fresh in my memory and to make sure that Jess, Zach, Merlin, Tanya, and the rest gang know how much I appreciate being invited to their team and enjoyed both their company and the experience they’ve given me.  Thank you so very much!)

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